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Our Unique Stone Polishing Services Had a Marble Floor in Seattle Looking Beautiful in No Time

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September 06, 2023

A Seattle resident had the most beautiful marble floor in her apartment. She'd managed to upkeep the floor's gorgeous look for years, so she was slightly shocked when the stone tiles gradually started losing all their shine. When her cleaning products failed at reviving the marble surface, the homeowner reached out to our specialists, requesting more information about our stone polishing in Seattle.

Marble Floor Before and After a Stone Polishing in Seattle
While the homeowner asked about a reliable surface restoration service in the area, Sir Grout Seattle got many glowing reviews from most of her friends and relatives, so she didn't even have to look into other options before making up her mind. She went on our website, perused our picture gallery, and set up a date for an in-home evaluation after talking with our specialists. Our crew went to inspect her floor a few days later, as scheduled.

Upon entering the living room area, our techs observed the apartment's marble floor. They noticed the floor's lifeless look while checking the stone tiles for any cracks or other signs of damage. There were no stains on the marble surface, but that didn't stop the tiles from looking as clean as they should. They had no shine, and their surface looked worn down. When describing the problem to the client, our specialists explained that generic cleaners are usually to blame for this. The harsh ingredients in these products are known for causing discoloration, and they do nothing to prevent marks from appearing on high-traffic surfaces. Since the floor hadn't been polished in a while, our specialists offered a full restoration service. They would use Sir Grout's special equipment to clean the tiles and polish the marble to perfection. The client agreed with this approach and scheduled a new appointment for the restoration.

Floor Before and After a Stone Polishing in Seattle
Our techs returned to her apartment a couple of days after the evaluation. They wasted no time cleaning the marble floor using a powerful pH-neutral cleaner. Our stone-safe product delivers the best results while cleaning stains and dirt, minimizing the amount of effort required in the maintenance of natural stone surfaces. Helping themselves with a high-speed scrubber, our techs removed all traces of dirt off the marble, enhancing the floor's charm.

To hone the floor, our techs ran three sets of diamond pads on the surface, gradually increasing the level of grit as they worked through the marks accumulated on the tiles. Then, they used a series of special powders to polish the surface until all parts of the floor shined, and the marble's rich details were on full display. Our high-quality sealant completed the process, creating a protective layer that kept mold, mildew, spills, dirt, and other external elements from damaging the stone.

The result was a gorgeous floor that looked almost brand new. The marble tiles gave out an intense glow, with not a speck of dirt to be found on the smooth surface. The client was pleased by the floor's elegant look and thanked our specialists for their efficiency and professionalism throughout the restoration. She also promised to tell everyone about Sir Grout Seattle the next time she had guests over.

Following the same practice they've kept for years, our specialists offered additional cleaning advice before leaving the client's house. First, they recommended using pH-neutral products like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner to preserve the marble's delicate surface through weeks of chores and foot traffic. Our product provides the most satisfying results on the natural stone without adding to the damage left by soap-based cleaners. It causes no discoloration on the tiles and preserves the surface against etch marks, footprints, etc. This way, homeowners can optimize their cleaning routine without creating new problems in the long run. Our techs also listed the most appropriate tools to clean the surface without causing scratches. They told the client that a mop, a clean towel, or a terry cloth would work as a more effective alternative to steel wool and other sharp tools. Our last recommendation was to open the windows and doors regularly; this would help improve the room's ventilation and prevent the spread of mold and mildew on the grout lines and other parts of the floor.

Contact Sir Grout Seattle to learn more about the best hard surface restoration specialists. We tailor our methods to benefit natural stone and undo the damage caused by foot traffic, stains, wear and tear, etc. If you're interested in our methods, call (206) 809-8083 or click on the "Schedule a Free Quote" button, and schedule an appointment today. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about our latest info and promotions.
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