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Our Grout Cleaning Specialists Used Their Expertise To Restore This Shower Floor in Bellevue

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May 17, 2024

A homeowner in Bellevue was not used to feeling so uncomfortable inside her shower area. Spacious and elegant, the shower in the master bathroom ranked high among her favorite parts of the house. Sadly, it was hard to ignore the large cracks running across the floor, even when she managed to keep the rest of the stall in pristine condition.

Shower Floor Before and After a Grout Cleaning in Bellevue
One of her friends recommended Sir Grout Seattle when the homeowner expressed concern at how the cracks could affect the shower's structural integrity. Any lingering doubts that she may have had about contacting a grout cleaning service in Bellevue disappeared after she visited our website and read through pages of valuable content. It only took a quick phone call to schedule an appointment, and the homeowner welcomed our techs into her home only a few days later.

During the evaluation, our crew checked the cracks at the center of the shower and assessed the grout on the rest of the floor. According to the client, more parts of the ceramic became loose every day, so she couldn't do much about the dirt that got stuck between the tiles. Our techs explained that multiple factors had come together to worsen the issue. For one, the minerals carried by hard water corrode hard surfaces until they crack, on top of causing discoloration on cement-based grout. Meanwhile, store-bought cleaners create a soapy film that pushes the dirt into the grout pores, creating new stains every day. Luckily, our experts had the expertise to restore the floor without leaving a hint of cracks on the surface, so they put their services at the client's disposal. She thanked them for their insight and immediately scheduled a second appointment.

Following her request, our specialists returned to her house the next day for the restoration. First, they needed to prepare their working space, so they covered the area around the shower floor with clear plastic and masking tape. They soaked the floor with a permeating cleaner and carefully removed all the embedded dirt, including traces of soap scum. They also used a 275-degree vapor cleaner for good measure, removing all the mold and mildew from the corner joints.

It was time to restore the damaged grout. Our techs removed all the loose caulk and installed epoxy grout on every grout line. Resistant to water and mold, this solution withstands weeks of activity without showing signs of decay. Cement-based grout has a porous surface that absorbs all sorts of external elements with ease, but our epoxy solution is made to rule out these issues. The grout remains spotless and has enough durability to stay in one piece through its exposure to moisture, soap, and foot traffic.

After working meticulously on the floor for most of the morning, our techs were done regrouting the surface. They called the client into the bathroom to see the result and she was in awe. The shower floor looked as good as new and all the tiles looked spotless. The homeowner praised our tech's abilities and promised to recommend our services to everyone she knew.

Satisfied with another successful restoration, our techs started putting away their equipment, and they took the opportunity to share some additional cleaning pointers. They started by recommending pH-neutral cleaners over traditional products. Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner stands out from most of the products in the market for removing stubborn stains in record time. It works against the embedded dirt between the tiles and does a quick job of eliminating the efflorescence on your shower walls. Moreover, our product doesn't release toxic fumes into the air, so you can work more comfortably, keeping a safer environment for people and pets. We also recommend using non-abrasive tools to scrub off the stains since tile surfaces can get easily scratched when you use a steel wool or other sharp objects. Regular cleaning sessions with neutral products and a towel or a squeegee are often enough to keep most of the dirt at bay.

Good indoor ventilation also does a lot to simplify your cleaning routine. The constant circulation of fresh air slows down the spread of mold and keeps moisture from being absorbed into porous surfaces. Showers are damp for most of the day, so the air gets stale much faster. For this reason, we remind clients to open the windows and doors from time to time.

The experts at Sir Grout Seattle are ready to assist Bellevue residents with skills and top-grade equipment. We know that shower cleaning can be tiring at best and frustrating at worst, so we bring tested hard surface restoration methods to make your efforts count. Our specialists will be happy to answer your questions, so be sure to contact us if you're interested in our services. You can call (206) 231-5022 or schedule a free quote online to request an appointment. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss our latest promotions and updates.
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